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Our Story

Hi, I am Dasha!

I am an international fashion, glamour and art model living in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah with my fiance Dmitriy.

As I traveled the world to model, many photographers and models mentioned Utah as their dream photography destination. However, most of them lacked time, experience and knowledge to put together a perfect photography trip.

At the same time, I was getting tired of modeling at boring, poorly organized workshops and group shoots. The paparazzi style shooting, bossy instructors, and crowds would leave me drained and uninspired, and could see that some of the participating photographers felt the same way. The desire to share my favorite Utah locations with my creative friends was becoming unbearable!

Finally, Dmitriy and I decided to combine our passion for art, nature, friendship and photography, invite my well known professional model friends to join, and put together our first UTadventure Tour!

The rest is history...

Utah 2019

05/15 - 05/20 ($3,300) UTadventure Extreme!
Dasha U, Sienna Hayes,
Kate Snig

05/29 - 06/03 ($3,300) UTadventure Relax!
Dasha U, Olivia Preston,
Carlotta Champagne

Yucatán 2019

03/20 - 03/25 ($3,600)
Dasha U, Kate Snig,
Sienna Hayes