Our Story

Way back in 2015, our founders, Dasha U & her partner Dmitriy, grew tired of an industry saturated with boring, poorly organized photography workshops.

They combined their love for travel, a dream of bringing together like minded creatives, and a deep desire to share their favorite locations in Utah and Mexico with other artists and UTadventure was born!

With Dasha's many years of experience as a freelance fine art model and Dmitriy's lifetime of exploring the breathtaking landscapes of his home state, they grew their passion project into an industry leading photo tour experience, the ONLY one of its kind!

This power couple has now guided over 100 photographers through dozens of magical UTadventures, all while making friendships and memories that last a lifetime and creating art that truly stands out.

Upcoming Tours

March: 03/13 - 03/18


Meghan Claire