Our Team

UTadventure tours are organized by Dmitriy, a talented designer with a passion for outdoors and all things art, and his partner Auroraa, an international fashion and art model and a professional muse.

Together we are PASSIONATE about art, beauty, creativity, meaningful experiences and forming real intimate connection between human beings. We put our heart and soul into UTadventure, and our values and personality are reflected in each tour.

Featuring Craig Colvin, our special guest instructor for the June 2016.

Craig is an award winning photographer and educator based in San Jose, CA. His primary focus is using the human body as art. This is expressed in many forms but his goal is to use the body to mimic the shapes and curves that are found in nature. This might be the gentle slope of a sand dune, a curve of a rock, or the rolling hills of a mountain range.

Craig's work has been published in numerous magazines and books, and exhibited in galleries and shows worldwide. He teaches photography workshops throughout the US and online photography courses through This Week in Photography School.


Upcoming Tours

March: 03/13 - 03/18


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