JUNE 27, 2017 by Dasha U

A Very Special Announcement!

Hello there!

UTadventure is now done with the Spring series of tours! The May and June tours went so incredibly well and exceeded everyone’s wildest expectations, including our own! Wow! Watch out for the upcoming blog post recapping our desert adventures.

But now, we have a very special announcement to make regarding one of our Mexico tour this Fall!

We had SO.MUCH.FUN. on this past June tour.

Amazing art made? Check!
New friendships formed? Check!
A few photographers teared up of inspiration? Check!
New photographic skills learned? Check!
Creativity rekindled? Check!
Mind/body/soul rejuvenated? Check!
A few pounds lost? Check!

As some of you may know, during our June tour we were lucky to have coaching and instruction from award winning fine art photographer Craig Colvin. Every day we watched how much our participants enjoyed getting his useful photography tips, valuable advice on location, his constant flow of inspiration and ideas, and, overall, his friendship and support, so we decided….


...to invite Craig back as an instructor for our OCT 23d - 28th tour in Mexico!

We are seriously stoked to have Craig UTadventuring with our group again for the full 5 days, this time, on the Yucatan peninsula - among stunning Mayan architecture, countless pink flamingos, exotic cenotes, unique pink salt pools, ancient Mayan ruins, to name a few.

So, why Craig?

As you have probably already heard, our tours are INTENSE. You don’t stop living photography until after the sun goes down!

Just like during our Utah tours, in Mexico, prepare to be bombarded with diverse photo locations from morning to night, some of which will try to intimidate you with unique lighting conditions. ( For example, photographing in the much awaited cenotes, Mexico’s underground water caves, can be challenging even for an experienced photographer.)

Your imagination, skills and creativity WILL BE challenged, but you will have Craig’s extensive knowledge and experience to tap into at each photo location, the ENTIRE duration of the tour. You will also be able to ask questions, get Craig’s assistance with editing and/or request a critique of your work. ( Long van rides to the location have proved to be especially useful for that! )

With his GENTLE, non invasive instruction style, you can be sure to take your photography to the next level. He will share with you all the nuts and bolts advice and experience he has in his decades of photography.

What we love about Craig’s coaching is that our participants are still free to engage in their own style and creativity, only now they are provided with the practical tools on how to turn their dream image into reality.

No matter if you are an enthusiast or a professional photographer, you can still benefit from Craig’s knowledge and experience.

Anyway… I think it is pretty obvious that we are thrilled to have Craig on board again this October.

Are you ready to treat yourself to a well deserved, ultimate photo vacation that will take you to virtually undiscovered, enchanting natural and cultural locations off the beaten path in one of the most picturesque photographical regions in the world?

Come join us for 5 days of adventure in Merida, filled with art and adventure, nature and culture and plenty of authenticity, spiced up with the bursting flavors of Yucatecan cuisine and plenty of fine Mexican wine.

You can register on our website here, just click the "SIGN UP" button. :)

Hurry up! There are only a few spots available.


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