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Inside a model's mind:
Sienna Hayes

In our series "The Models" we are giving you a deeper look into the amazing muses we have on UTadventure.

The incredible Sienna Hayes is definitely our super star who has rocked many tours in the past several years creating truly mindblowing art with our participants.

We just can't get enough of her! :)

Do you wish to get inside your model's mind? Learn what inspires her? What irritates her? What you can do to take your outdoor photoshoot to a next level?

Then read on as we interview Sienna Hayes about her outdoor photoshoot experiences! enture has an impeccable reputation and many raving reviews. 30% of our participants keep coming back for more adventure, genuine human connection and images that blow your socks off!

Give us an example of how you love to be treated at an outdoor photoshoot?

SIENNA HAYES: One of my favorite outdoor shoot experiences was with a very talented photographer in Denmark. We shot over the course of two days, and on the first day of our shoot the weather called for rain, but this photographer looked online at detailed weather maps and found there was one small part of the country which was supposed to have clear skies. He decided we would change our shoot location and go there instead so we could have the best possible weather.

When we got there to shoot at sunrise, the weather was clear but it was a bit chilly. He was extremely empathetic to my needs, and insisted on frequent breaks to warm up. I had brought my usual warm, loose clothing, but he had also offered me a space blanket which really helped to cut out the wind and keep me warm. He also had 2 thermoses filled with hot tea!

I was extremely impressed with his professionalism level of preparation from start to finish.

Tell us about your absolutely WORST outdoor photoshoot experience and why was it so terrible. :O

SIENNA HAYES: One of my worst outdoor shoot experiences happened when I was still very new to modeling and living in Canada. A photographer hired me for an outdoor shoot in the winter. It had been unseasonably warm (above freezing, but still cold), and I was very naive so I thought I would be okay.

That turned out to not be the case at all. The day of our shoot the temperature plunged to -10C (14F). He had me posing in the snow, and in an abandoned concrete structure which was open to the elements. He was not at all sensitive to how cold it was. When I would insist on taking a break, he would try to get me to start posing again within 1-2 minutes while I was still totally frozen.

I blame myself for this in part because I was not yet assertive enough, and really I should have called off the shoot when the temperature dipped so low, but his pushiness and lack of empathy really left a sour taste in my mouth.

What would be some of the things that most photographers could improve on when putting together an outdoor photoshoot?

SIENNA HAYES: Preparation is key. It's always a good idea for the model and/or photographer to bring basic things like sunscreen, bug spray, an extra jacket and/or blanket, snacks, and tweezers in case of splinters. A small first aid kit is not a bad idea either. Also, photographers should make sure they have extra batteries and memory cards!

I think flexibility is incredibly important as well. I've found that most photographers cancel an outdoor shoot if there is rain, but one of my favorite outdoor shoots ever was on a beach in a torrential downpour. The photographer knew that rain was in the forecast but decided to use it as an opportunity to shoot something a bit different, and the photos turned out beautifully.

List some of the annoying things that photographers do?

SIENNA HAYES: The most annoying thing for me is when photographers lack sensitivity for my basic needs. Outdoor shoots can be very physically demanding and strenuous. If we are freezing cold or overheating we will be suffering, which does not allow us to perform at our best.

It's in both of our best interests to take breaks so we can maintain a healthy temperature, remain hydrated, and to ensure we are fed.

Name 3 things that usually bring more fun and joy to any outdoor photoshoot experience to you as a model.

SIENNA HAYES: Getting to see and experience beautiful or unique locations are of course one of the best benefits of shooting outdoors, so when a photographer has done their research and found a great location that is a major bonus!

When the photographer is open to my ideas and wants the shoot to be collaborative that makes it much more fun for me.

And anytime a photographer brings food along that is guaranteed to bring me joy and result in major brownie points :)

How is being on UTadventure differ from your regular outdoor photoshoots?

SIENNA HAYES: Dasha and Dmitriy know Utah like the back of their hand and take us to absolutely jaw dropping locations.

It’s nothing like shooting in your average forest or field - simply being on these locations is an experience in and of itself, and having the chance to model in such stunning scenery has been a highlight of my modeling career

Can you share one of your FAVORITE UTadventure moment with us? We know there are many! :)

SIENNA HAYES: Probably the one that stands out to me most was on my first UTadventure tour in 2017. We had just arrived at a horse ranch in Moab, but there were scattered showers that day so our group decided to wait in the car for a few minutes until it passed. Gradually the sun started poking out, but I noticed it was still drizzling a little bit. A light bulb went off in my head, and my eyes quickly started scanning the horizon. Suddenly I saw it - a big, beautiful rainbow off in the distance overlooking a valley of red rock!!!

I was off in a flash.

"RAINBOW!", I exclaimed, "There’s a rainbow over there!! Hurry, grab your camera gear! We have to shoot with the rainbow!"

I shouted all of this whilst sprinting in its direction, stripping off my clothes as I went.

A couple excited photographers followed me, and we managed to shoot with the rainbow for a few minutes before it disappeared. It was my first time ever shooting with one, and it was so magical. I will never forget it and I don’t think the photographers will either!

Thank you Sienna!

Looks like keeping your model happy when shooting outdoors is quite simple: be mindful of her needs, have a few locations in mind in case of bad weather, take frequent breaks, come prepared with sunscreen, bug spray, a first aid kit and warm blankets, and of course, pack tasty snacks but more importantly, LOOK OUT FOR RAINBOWS!!! :)

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