February 9, 2020 by Dasha U

What it's like to tour with us?


In our series "The Models" we are giving you a deeper look into the amazing muses we have on UTadventure.

The mesmerizing Ivory Flame came all the way from the UK to debut on our Utah tour last year. After such a blast working together, we absolutely had to have her back in 2020 on both the Aug 26 - 31 tour in Utah, as well as the March event in Mexico!

Today's feature is all about this astounding muse, you'll love getting to know her as much as we did. :)


"I began modelling during the final year of my fine art degree almost 14 years ago. With my love for visuals and intrigue for the world, it was a pandora's box I do not regret opening!

I have enjoyed the life-changing experiences it has brought my way since, traveling to breath-taking places, meeting such a wealth of amazing people, and also going on a fascinating journey within. As a naturally quiet soul, I have loved the opportunity to evolve myself, and shine brightly, doing something I'm passionate about.

It's certainly a consuming and at times challenging way to make a living, but I value the insights and memories gained so much. It's more than a job - it's a way of being, a mindset, and appreciation for life. To be a vessel for creativity, to work together with like-minded people on ideas, and help them achieve images that bring happiness and meaning - that's an honor."

Read on as we ask Ivory some fun questions about her latest tour experience with us!

What made you fall in love with Utah?

IVORY FLAME: Everywhere we travelled was a stunning scene, and this brought total wonder to my heart. There were majestic mountains on the horizon, and mind-blowing rock formations around each turn. Beautiful skies of stunning clouds, clear blue space, glowing sunsets, and dazzling night-time stars.

The close up details were just as magical - the crunch of salt crystals under your feet, and colourful marble patterns within rock texture. To be so wowed at every moment was a joy.

How is creating in Utah different from other landscapes you have been to?

IVORY FLAME: Well the main difference is that I'm used to enduring pretty cold temperatures, where a big issue is trying to stay warm, so Utah was the complete opposite!

Thankfully due to the dryness of the heat, the way the schedule is set to avoid harsh midday sun, and packing wisely (thanks to Dasha's tips), I didn't find the warm climate a big problem (though used plenty of sunscreen of course!). It was a treat to wander around in relaxed moments, enjoying the warmth on my skin and nature around me.

Tell us your favorite moment from UTadventure.

IVORY FLAME: Aside from the awesome shooting, I loved the off-roading and driving down side tracks with trails of dust behind, those moments really added to the feeling of WILD, liberating adventure!

What was your favorite location and why?

IVORY FLAME: I adored the slot canyons, because they were so awe-inspiring, not only to simply witness, but because of the amazing possibilities in how to pose and shoot with them. The light shifts, bounces and falls in phenomenal ways. You can capture huge frames with the figure very small, stunning silhouettes, intriguing abstract nudes and the most striking portraits.

The salt flats were also so atmospheric, surreal and ever-changing with the light. It was all such a photography paradise!

What were some of the challenges you experienced while being on tour?

IVORY FLAME: My biggest challenge was dealing with the overwhelm of being in such a sublime environments. I was feeling so energised to be on the trip, and raring to do my best for all the photographers there, the opportunities were everywhere and I wanted to do it all!

It was fantastic but I'm looking forward to exploring the locations a second time, with the experience and grounding from the first trip. I can definitely see how rewarding it must be to return again and again, for models and photographers alike.

What was absolutely unexpected during your six day tour experience?

IVORY FLAME: Well, I had a serious weepy moment in one of the slot canyons. It was just so vast, peaceful, and stupendously beautiful, I was overcome with emotion. All my joy, sorrow, wonder and gratitude came to the surface, in the form of uncontrollable tears.

I felt so lucky to be there, creating with fellow artists and connected to the earth, and so thankful to be alive in that moment. I just had to cry it out, get a hug, laugh, dry my eyes and then of course, make more beautiful photos!

How did UTadventure differ from other workshops / events you have participated in?

IVORY FLAME: This was actually my first experience of modelling in this kind of huge, intense landscape as part of a group. It was a completely unique experience!

I enjoyed how organic, easy going and free-flowing the time was shared between photographers. The other models on the trip were equally thoughtful and attune to making sure everyone got something special at every location. Dasha and Dmitriy are such fantastic hosts, full of positivity and knowledgeable guidance. I'd say what stands out is that it really feels so centered around harmony - with the landscape, with the models, and each other as humans.

I am totally buzzing for not only my exciting first UTadventure trip to gorgeous Mexico this March, but also to head back to stunning Utah in August!! I have no doubt that both will be wonderfully rewarding, and I really look forward to meeting the lovely people that join!

Thank you dear Ivory! <3

We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunities to meet such beautiful souls all while playing in gorgeous places & making art! Our first tour of the year this March cannot come soon enough! :)

If you are interested in a rare opportunity to shoot Ivory in North America (she does not visit this corner of the world that often!), there is still some availability on our AUGUST 26 - 31 tour where she will be modeling along our beautiful mega muses Sienna Hayes & Jenn Jones. (Her Mexico tour is fully sold out.)

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