January 30, 2020 by Dasha U

Featured photographer:
Nimble Photons

Hello photography lovers!

What never ceases to amaze us is the abundance of different styles and unique perspectives that our photographers bring on tour!

  • Some love the absence of color. The others go for the most vibrant of hues.
  • Some are obsessed with highly conceptual photographs and take days to stage one concept. The others are all about capturing that fleeting moment in all its honesty.
  • Some enjoy creating stories. The others gravitate towards abstracts.
  • Some are all about highlighting the beauty and individuality of their models, others, like today's featured photographer, care more about the opportunity to develop their idea or create something they've imagined.

Let us introduce you to one of our participants who goes out of his way to experiment and create fresh art that never ceases to amaze:

Meet Sasha S (aka Nimble Photons) - one of our all time favorite creative!

Sasha's unique photography style is highly conceptual and lends itself to the bending of reality. By skillfully manipulating lighting, framing and technique, his photos comment not on what camera sees, but what meaning the viewer illicits from it.

For Sasha, the art he wants to create - his ideas- are more important than just the model's looks or personality. His imagination is clearly evident in every image - it is something he thought about and executed artfully.

We feel that he developed a style that is uniquely his!as extremely impressed with his professionalism level of preparation from start to finish.

Sasha challenges himself to find unique angles, letting the environment inspire him. He is known for truly communicating with his model, asking for her input and creative ideas, blending their visions together, and then continuing refining their image until it becomes a beautiful piece of intriguing art!

To learn about Sasha's source of inspiration, his tips on how to establish a creative connections with models, some of his challenges as a photographer & more, check out this short and fun interview, accompanied by his marvelous photography from Utah and Mexico UTadventures.

What is the main source of your inspiration?

SASHA: Nature, rocks and ocean in particular.

What are the challenges in shooting outdoors and how do you overcome them?

SASHA: Shooting outdoors means I have to relinquish some control. Weather, light, environment — sometimes those cooperate, sometimes not. Planning and scouting the locations beforehand helps.

What have you learned while working with models over the years?

SASHA: Most models are very experienced (way more than I am) and extremely creative.

Can you give us a tip or two on how to establish a creative connection with your model?

SASHA: I think it starts with respect, then shared desire to create. Discussing concepts or mood boards works great.

Any advice for shooting in the environment you are not really used to? (Like, when you attended our Utah and Mexico UTadventures.)

SASHA: Look for something interesting: geometry, contrasts, light. Walk around (do mini-scouting). Ask your model what they think.

Do you ever experience a creative rut? How do you get out of it?

SASHA: Everybody experiences creative rut :) Things that work for me: changing things, immersing myself into experiences that elevate (either related to photography or not), sometimes simply slowing down.

What is your biggest challenge as a photographer?

SASHA: Keeping momentum: it easy for me to slip into repeating myself (not literally, but going for things similar to the ones that worked well in the past).

How did attending two UTadventure tours changed you as an artist?

SASHA: My interest in artistic nudes got rekindled during my first UTadventure tour. Not sure I would be shooting nudes now without that trip.

Do you have any advice for someone who has never been on UTadventure but is thinking of going?

SASHA: Just go! :) It is an amazing experience, everything is organized wonderfully, you work with best models in beautiful and diverse locations.

Thank you dear Sasha! We are soooo grateful for the opportunity to endulge in your company on UTadventure not once but TWICE!

We hope you all enjoyed getting to know this incredible photographer a bit as well as looking through some of his work - all of which has been created on tour.

If you got a little jealous and want to make your own art at these stunning Utah/Mexico locations, simply click below for more info!

Psst! We can also create your own, unique tour experience taylored to your creative needs - just ask! ;)

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