September 2015, Our FIRST ever UTadventure!

Only 2 models, including the one and only Candace Nirvana, and our 4 photographer guinea pigs, who somehow trusted themselves into our care for the 5 days of a crazy adventure!

Dmitriy and I barely knew what we were doing then (ok, we had no idea at all!) but we had a dream, and followed it with our hearts.

The van was small, our schedule exhausting, we got lost a few times, making our group hike for longer than anticipated, but our hearts were big and we had a dream to fulfill!

Nevertheless, that tour turned out to be everything we ever wanted and more!

To our big surprise, after all the sweat, tears and sleep deprivation, two of our photographers, Gerry and John, called their experience "one of the best photography events they have ever attended", and returned to their second UTadventure the very next year! They have remained dear friends of ours ever since.