After testing the waters in 2015 and getting a bunch of feedback, we made this tour the REAL DEAL!


Yes, it got windy at times, and the ranch horses were a bit moody, but we definitely made lifelong memories and art that inspired!


Jason dropped his Nikon a couple hundred feet down the face of an arch, then duck taped it, and used for the whole duration of the tour.


Gwen was nominated the Queen of Goblins and found her Throne in Goblin Valley while Tonnya, our 4’1 photographer from Denmark, rode Dmitriy through the toughest terrain and named him her Donkey


Craig Colvin found many epic Craig Holes (he loves putting models in all sorts of crevices in the rock ) for his next gallery show, and we all camped in luxurious yurts in the heart of Goblin Valley, barbecued beer and drank sausages (wait, the other way!) for one of the nights.


What a tour! The weather was just perfect!


We learned a new special effects trick in the slot canyon which really added to our photos (Gwen and Dmitriy vaped e-cigarette till they were blue in the face to make sure that everyone got their dream shots).


Robert got to play with ALL of the film cameras he brought with him from Canada.


Michael enjoyed his first vacation in 3 years...


...And we all got a bit too many margaritas at probably the funnest Farewell Cocktail Party up to date.