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A match made in heaven!

We are thrilled to announce that UTadventure is partnering up with VOLO, world’s number 1 art nude magazine!

(In case you haven’t heard of VOLO, drop everything you are doing and go check them out now at

“Sounds cool”, - you say, “But what’s in it for me?”

Well, if you are one of the 10,975 photographers that dream about getting published in the number 1 art nude magazine in the world, then here is your chance!

One photo set from each tour series will be selected and published in VOLO!

And to make things even more interesting, we will be broadcasting super fun behind the scenes from some of our breathtaking tour destinations to be featured alongside VOLO’s digital content.

Utah 2019

05/15 - 05/20 ($3,300) UTadventure Extreme!
Dasha U, Sienna Hayes,
Kate Snig

05/29 - 06/03 ($3,300) UTadventure Relax!
Dasha U, Olivia Preston,
Carlotta Champagne

Yucatán 2019

03/20 - 03/25 ($3,600)
Dasha U, Kate Snig,
Sienna Hayes