JANUARY 21, 2017 by UTadventure

Craig Colvin, special guest instructor for June 2017

Are you still debating which tour to join?

If you seek intensive instruction to jazz up your photography skills, our SPECIAL June tour ft. guest instructor Craig Colvin may be just the right one for you!

Craig Colvin is an award winning photographer and educator based in San Jose, CA.

  • Craig's primary focus in his work is using the human body as art. This is expressed in many forms, but his goal is to use the body to mimic the shapes and curves that are found in nature. This might be the gentle slope of a sand dune, a curve of a rock, or the rolling hills of a mountain range.
  • Craig tends towards abstracting the body shapes so the viewer isn’t always sure at first glance if the image contains a body or not.
  • Craig's work has been published in numerous magazines and books, and exhibited in galleries and shows worldwide. He teaches photography workshops throughout the US and online photography courses through This Week in Photography School.


He has attended UTadventure TWICE as a participant, spending much of his time sharing his extensive knowledge of fine art photography. Many of our photographers took their work to the next level by implementing Craig’s useful tips, and this year we decided to invite him as a full time instructor!

Craig will be teaching more than technique, he prefers to promote photographic vision, creativity and finding your own style.

Oh, and did we mention NO CLASSROOM? ;)

100% of your learning will be spent outside on location, getting personal instruction / feedback from Craig, while creating your OWN art with 3 world class fine art muses Mika Lovely, Christine Idiivil and Dasha U in some of the most extraordinary photographic locations on the planet!

Watch out for the upcoming educational blog posts from Craig that will help you be more prepared for your UTadventure tour, as well as improve your photography in general.

Are you ready to take your “nude in nature” game to the next level? Then give our June 1st - 6th tour a serious thought.

Stay inspired,
UTadventure team

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